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  Vial Series

    Our vial series consists of injectable vials, non-injectable vials (including screw neck vials and flip cap vials) and oral liquid vials, which can be made of clear FS50 glass tube or Amber FS50 glass tube with broad range of 1ml up to 100ml and comply with both ISO standards as well as PH.Eur., or USP norms. Customized vials are also available based on your drawings and special requirement under PH.Eur., or USP.


The quality guarantee conditions include:


    ◆ Production in GMP environment


    ◆ Statistical control on line


    ◆ Dimensional and cosmetic AQL levels according to ISO


    ◆ Camera inspection of key dimensional parameters and critical 77 cosmetic defects


    ◆ Every products delivered are traceable back to time (DD-MM-YY), shift, machine and operator.

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